All pictures are Beau Technique’s property and all have encription by camera used and owned by Beau Technique. We are entitled by law to use these such pictures. Should you feel that you do not wish pictures to be taken of your vehicle please state prior to detail or valet service commencing. 

To ensure both Beau Technique and client are confident and correct about the services which are to be undertaken. Beau Technique will listen and discuss variants in levels of service and ensure client is agreed upon which services are for them and there vehicle’s need’s. Once initial consultation is agreed and finalised booking can commence. All bookings are contractually agreed and confirmed via email as to ensure both client and Beau Technique are both legally bound with no forgotten appointments or non show.

Any detail or valet booking chosen above the £100 threshold will need a deposit paid to secure booking placement. The deposit will be of a % of valet or detail service and will be calculated upon booking request. Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque, Paypal or credit / debit card through Paypal invoice payable ( Subject to additional fee for Paypal or card payment ) We also accept BACS / Chaps and direct transfer with prior arrangement. Should you need to cancel booking. Deposit will be refunded in full. If Beau Technique have agreed to non deposit and client / vehicle does not show for booked and secured appointment a charge will be made for a 1/3 of the booking value to allocate for time wasted, loss of earnings and time required for logistics planning and special materials that may have been bought in for specific services.

Should you decide 7 days prior to booking or not show up on day of booking commencing then the deposit is non refundable.  If vehicle is not present either due to forgetting booking or any other circumstance bar major illness, accident or fatality or is in a non workable placement so services cannot be carried out. Deposit will be non refundable for time’s wasted, loss of earnings and in mobile ( which is by special request only ) circumstances wasted journey time and fuel fee.
Beau Technique requires any vehicle to be emptied of all belongings, child seats and items of value prior to valet or detail service commencing. Beau Technique can still continue with booked service but will work around any belongings or child seats as we hold no responsibility for items being damaged or lost.

The service booking will be undertaken. You will be asked to view your finished valet or detail. Once happy with the finished article, sign receipt to verify acceptance of services undertaken and full or remaining balance will be taken. Beau Technique’s services are of a pay upon completion cycle and do not offer credit nor account 
( Unless prior arrangement has been agreed between Beau Technique and client ) 
If a specific payment method is agreed. Payment must be made as agreed. Failure to comply will resort in a 5% late payment fee per day there after the agreed payment date. Beau Technique will pass any bad debtors on to our chosen debt collection service after 1 week unless a specific payment method has been agreed by Beau Technique and client.

If for any circumstance your booking cannot be undertaken by Beau Technique due to unforeseen circumstance or weather issue’s, Beau Technique will endeavour to allocate time for re-scheduled booking as soon as physically possible.


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