Car Detailing Explained

What is car detailing? The simple answer is that car detailing is about going above and beyond simplistic car care or cleaning. Here we give just a brief idea of what its about and how its all done.  Needless to say.

Car detailing is not just an extravagance, but an investment. It has been proven time and time over that having a detail carried out on your vehicle prolongs its finish and in some instances, increases the value of your vehicle.

Be it a simple regular protection detail with maintenance wax top up intervals, or a much needed all round rejuvenation with interior valet and paintwork enhancement detail or maybe the want of that pinnacle finish that can only be found on show cars and garage stored vehicles. This can be achieved with paint correction detail. Beau Technique also offer a wide variety of fine quality carnauba waxes. Some containing as much as 59% of grade T1 Brazilian carnauba wax. Not the typical “off the shelf” type products found in the local motor store.


A methodical approach is adhered from start to finish. Using pH neutral / biologically friendly products that lift & encapsulate the dirt drawing it away from all painted finishes.

Snowfoam washes that encapsulate dirt particles and draw them down to the bottom of the car as so not to drag grit and dirt particles across the finish of your vehicle. Using a 2 bucket wash method with patented grit guard protection which holds the grime at the bottom of the bucket under the grit guard so as not to leave grime / grit where it can be picked up and dragged across your vehicles paint.

Soft merino lambs wool wash mitts are used which draw dirt away from the finish and gently remove the dirt in a safe manner. Drying is done with a quick detailer which has essential lubricating oils to aid in reducing chances of damage and leaving a streak free finish coupled with large, super plush microfiber drying towels, your car is in safe hands. See the Beau Technique basics wash guide for help in a more carefull wash regime. 

Clay and Decontaminate

Iron fall out remover wil loosen bonded metal contamination. A specialist iron fall out remover assists in removal of bonded metal contaminants which are virtually invisible to the eye. Dedicated tar remover will soften and aid in removal of tar deposits and some levels of tree sap. Clay will remove the more stubborn bonded contaminants that are on your paints finish.

You may think your car feels smooth and slick and glossy but bonded contaminants can and do impair the true lustrous finish your car has to show.  If your curious, get a sandwich bag, sleeve it over your hand and softly stroke the paint ( this enhances the nerve sensors in your fingertips ) and see what you think. Is it still smooth? Does it feel rough? If the latter your car needs clay.

Vehicle and Paintwork Assessment

Here is where the fun begins. Using various light sources, we assess the level of defects be it swirl markings, fine scratches and deeper isolated scratches ( Known as RDS or random deep swirls & scratches ) with high power halogen lights and a torch which mimciks the the light produced by actual sun itself. We then also measure the paints thickness to reveal if the vehicle has had any forms of paintwork undertaken and to ensure there is a good level of paint thickness to commence removal of swirl markings, fine scratches and imperfections that are robbing your vehicle of its true lusterous finish by paint correction through machine polishing.

9 times out of 10, any car will need some form of polishing whether it be by hand, dual action polisher ( DA or random orbit as it is known ) or rotary machine polisher. Remember detailing is to go beyond normal cleaning, to surpass all expectations and to create that showroom finish only dreams are made of. Careful analysis by light and paint depth gauge. Measuring the thickness of the painted surface in which paint correction by machine polishing is going to be undertaken.

The fun begins where the paint will be polished very slowly and methodically using various grades of polish and different density polishing pads to remove those fine swirls, scratches, cobwebs and give you what can only be known as “that perfect finish” Check out our portfolio for pictures on work carried out to private and main dealer vehicles.

Paintwork Correction

You have just had the vehicle paintwork perfected from those nasty swirls, scratches, hollograms and such. The final stage is where your choice can be endless. Ceramic coatings, Carnauba wax, Acrylic/Polymer sealant or both……..you decide.

Ceramic coatings are new age technology created on a nano scale. With this you gain a greater level of surface coverage and tension which creates better water behaviour for longer along with toughened layers to tolerate wash regime and superb durability of 18 months upward to 3 years ( Some manufacturers state 5 years +; but they seldom rarely highlight the cost implications of yearly cleans and top up’s within their inspection which is part of the warranty given, So; in a nutshell, you pay for the detail and an additional £200.00+ per year there after resulting in your detail costing £1000.00 more than originally agreed for the 5 year privilege .. Food for thought).

Sealants primarily seal the finish that has just been polished, this gives a real sharp and crisp glass like finish and protects it from UV rays, salt, grit, grime and any other nasty things that can cause harm to your cars now perfect finish. Wax again is a protective layer but this time is from natural sources ( Brazilian carnauba wax and natural solvents from the likes of oranges, avacados, mangos etc ) this however does not last as long and does need annual top up intervals but gives your vehicle that super wet look shine and warmth aswell as depth only seen on the most prestigous marks and performance cars.

Waxes can last up to 4 months before top up is needed, sealants can last between 6 months to 1 year but these statistics are all dependant on How frequent the vehicle is used. After care and wash methods. Bad wash practice and poor quality, acidic/caustic products can strip your vehicles protection and reduce its life span by up to half.

Paintwork Correction – Machine Polishing

The single most important aspect of detailing a vehicle is in Paint Correction, in fact approximately 90% of gloss and perfection is the result of this process which will purify the finish. Paint correct the vehicles paintwork by removing fine swirls, scratches and dullness. Leaving behind a burnished specimen of perfection.  This is the systematic application of varying grades of cleanser, compounds and polishes using a technique designed to remove a microscopic amount of the paint’s clear coat surface in order to smooth away paintwork defects. 

It could be likened to ultra fine sanding where a few microns (a micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter) are removed. A small price to pay when perfection is what your after. Swirl markings, fine scratches and tired paintwork just will not do.  This process will restore neglected and damaged paintwork to a smooth, durable, brilliant gloss, while maintaining the integrity of the paint/clear coat.

 We have extensive detailing  knowledge to truly understand vehicle paintwork and take great satisfaction and pride in restoring  to a showroom finish by removing the following defects:


Swirls – Spider web affect on the paint more noticeable in direct sunlight. Possible causes are improper washing techniques, inferior hand car washes, automated car washes.Even poor paint correction skills can inflict swirls!


Buffer Marks/Holograms – These may have been caused by a previous valeter or bodyshop using a machine polisher and compound who have either not refined the finish, used a dirty pad or even used a fast speed on the machine polisher causing too much heat. Not true paint correction.


Oxidation – Faded and dull paint.  UV rays from the sun can damage paint over a period of time. The most common is solid red (non metallic) where it can turn pink/white.


Airborne Damage – Bird lime etchings, water spotting and stone chips, which can prematurely age and reduce the value of the vehicle.


Scratches – Possible causes not washing the vehicle correctly, driving too close to the hedge, vandalism etc.

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